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Welcome to Aimjunkies!

We offer Medal of Honor Hacks/Cheats/Aimbot, Battlefield Bad Company2 Hacks/Cheats/Aimbot,  The latest COD release Call of Duty Black OPS Hacks/Cheats/Aimbot along with the classic games Call of Duty World at War Hacks/Cheats/Aimbot and Call of Duty Modern Warfare Hacks/Cheats/Aimbot. We also offer Free Combat Arms Cheats, and All Points Bulletin Hacks and Cheats, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Hacks/Aimbot,

Aimjunkies.com Is The Most Secure Hacking Experience On The Net. We are not the biggest site out there, but we offer the safest game hacks and cheats with aimbots available. Along with top notch FRIENDLY 24/7 support. Our mission is to offer QUALITY hacks and cheats in a friendly atmosphere. Ask around and check our member reviews and our review at Hackreviews.com before you join.

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Limited Edition Hacks

aimjunkies hacks cheats aimbots wallhacks hax

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In April 2011 Aimjunkies.com was spawned out of gamefroobs.net. The owners are dedicated to building and offering a most secure website for the FPS Cheating and Hacking community.

We provide Aimjunkies members a quality game hack site that provides quality service, mods, cheats, hacks and support to a community that is tired of detection after detection and no customer service,

We have probably used every major hack available over the past 10 years and some worked and worked well along with some great features but got detected so often. We wanted to find a quality hack that worked without having features inherent for detection that was also not the target of the anti-cheat industry. We could not find one so after a long search we decided to develop a completely new concept in hack sites and aimjunkies was born.

apb reloaded hacks cheats aimbots wallhacks hax

Aimjunkies.com Brings you the easiest way to sub to your favourite hacks with the choice of value hack packs or single hack subscriptions, to make life easy for you the consumer here are the aforementioned packs!

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Aim Junkie Overdose Pkg 1 Vip Access:

This is the Alpha and the Omega of Aimjunkies.com packages with this subscription you gain access to every hack we support:

SystemBot pkg Vip access:

This package is host to all hacks coded by Systemfiles these include:

Aimjunkies.com subscribe hacks cheats aimbots purchase

FFOW & UT3 Pkg VIP access:

This package contains the following:


Call of Duty 4 & 5 VIP Access:

This package contains the following:

Aimjunkies.com subscribe hacks cheats aimbots purchase

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    How does things work with PS3 BF3? or how are they incorporated?

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